Francisco Correa Cordero
Exhibitions, projects and events produced and organized by Francisco Correa Cordero.
Lubov is an exhibition space in Tribeca, New York founded and directed by Francisco.

PO Box 1333
New York, NY 10159


December 21, 2018: Artsy, Everyone's a Curator. That's Not (Always) a Bad Thing
December 19, 2018: Art Viewer, Chiara Ibrah and Daffy Scanlan at Lubov
November 7, 2018: Bedford + Bowery, Weekend Art Openings: African Masks, Tiny Sculptures, and The Apocalypse
October 16, 2018: Art Viewer, Kricket Lane at Lubov
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June 19, 2018: Office Magazine, Manuela Soto: Meant to Be
June 14, 2018: Tzvetnik, 'Meant to Be' by Manuela Soto at Lubov, New York
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